Last 30 years the company “COSMOSOLAR LTD” put all our innovation and passion in the development and production of future solutions and integrated solar thermal systems. Aiming at energy savings, pollution reduction, increased solar thermal systems and a cleaner environment, we present our new solar collector Cosmosolar EPI KL whose absorber is equipped, for the first time in Greece, with selective aluminum coating. generation mirotherm® Control of the German company Alanod.

Mirotherm® Control the perfect solution for solar energy applications that also deal with overheating. Mirotherm Control is the new generation of selective surfaces, which has the added advantage of built-in protection against overheating. Achieves a degree of solar absorption of 96% and has losses due to temperature-dependent emissions. As the temperature increases so does the emissions resulting in the stationary temperature of the flat collectors being reduced by about 40 ̊ C. mirotherm Control ensures maximum efficiency and operational reliability even at very high outdoor temperatures.



  • Reduced fluid loss due to evaporation in closed water / glycol circuits at a standstill and due to stable performance for many years.
  • Increase the life time of the glycol, achieving a significant reduction of the problem due to coagulation in case of frost and on the other hand a reduction of the internal corrosion of the circuit.
  • The collector does not need to be covered during the summer “hot” periods of the year.
  • Increase the life time of the solar system due to less stress on all components.

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